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If you run a small or mid-sized embedded or IoT company that you feel is underperforming despite having a great team and an exceptional product line, I can help.

To a select few, I am offering business development services. I will help you capture shares of the European and US markets and increase your profits by applying my 35 years of embedded industry experience.

You can expect me to improve your business processes, expand your distributors and partners’ network, and develop an effective market positioning strategy.

Here is a selection of services that so far helped our partners free up their in-house resources or directly increased their revenue:

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What some of our partners say

“Finding a solid go-to-market strategy is a challenge for any technology startup. Andrea Galizia boosted our IoT products marketing strategies and business development process, contributing to make Zerynth a leading IoT enabler in the Industry.”
Gabriele Montelisciani, CEO at Zerynth

“As a Chinese company, it was difficult for us to earn the trust of international customers. Andrea Galizia helped us reinvent our brand and rethink our positioning. Since then, we partnered with four new distributors and received a flood of new orders from Europe and the US.”
Xu Jun, CEO at Chipsee

“We have been working with Andrea Galizia for several years, deriving many benefits and joy from this cooperation. The services offered ideally support enterprises in building their own brand, especially when they are in a phase of dynamic development and have limited resources. Andrea Galizia’s experience, commitment, and responsibility allow me to focus on other areas of a developing company.”
Radosław Fularczyk, CEO at Riverdi

“We are a great team of engineers with strong technical skills, but marketing is almost unknown to us. Andrea Galizia helped us launch a new brand taking care of all marketing aspects. The new brand “Fortebit” is up and running, and big distributors are waiting for our products.”
Nicola Canelli, CEO at Robotech

“Working with Andrea Galizia was a great pleasure. It was nice to see someone who could fill any number of roles with a moment’s notice. The first part of the day he was a product manager, an hour later he was working with product development, after lunch, he was meeting with clients and constructing sales contracts.”
Richard Lowe, CEO at Modis