We are proud to announce that our partner, Zerynth, just secured a €2 Million Round A investment led by the Italian fund Vertis Venture 3 Tech Transfer, managed by Vertis SGR with the exclusive advisory of Venture Factory.

Here is what the Zerynth CEO, Gabriele Montelisciani, had to say about the investment:

The Internet of Things is a unique opportunity to create new business models and improve industrial processes’ efficiency. However, the market offers complex solutions that are hard to be adopted, managed, and integrated into company structures.

Zerynth simplifies the adoption of the IoT by providing small and large companies with the tools for creating connected devices and for the digitization of industrial processes.

The financial, organizational, and business development resources of the Vertis fund will support Zerynth in the rapid transformation from “start-up” to “scale-up” company. We will be able to boost our market offer and create meaningful technological partnerships with the major players in the IoT landscape“.

Nicola Redi, the Managing Partner of Venture Factory said:

Simplifying complexity is a difficult art that only a deep technological knowledge accompanied by industrial intelligence can enable. Zerynth enables access to a multitude of sensors, data, languages, machines with extreme simplicity, and a single standard: it is the element of simplification and homogenization that was missing today to overcome the obstacles to the implementation of networks of devices, machines, and complex sensors. I am proud to think that the fundamental element missing for a true and widespread 4.0 revolution was born from Italian research“.

Finally, Renato Vannucci, Vice Chairman of Vertis SGR had this to share about Zerynth journey as a company and the investment:

The operation in Zerynth was “born under a lucky star” as it was among the fastest and most linear executions in the history of Vertis SGR. This happened thanks to the empathy that immediately arose with the founders and their desire to grow, and with our support, archive very challenging goals”.

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