Our partner, Zerynth, has released a brand new Zerynth Device Manager. This is what they’ve had to say about the release:

We have reached another milestone as a company, and as a team. This addition to the Zerynth suite is a result of hard work and dedication of our highly-skilled team, who spent years in the field with real IoT applications. During this time, we have learned what an IoT and embedded company really needs. Now we are ready to offer it to the world.

Also, the beta version is available for testing to everyone.

You can take advantage of this incredible tool now, by joining our beta testing. Report any feedback you have in this Forum category. Simply update the Zerynth SDK to the newest version, and join the beta testing.

What is the Zerynth Device Manager?

Zerynth Device Manager is a data aggregation and device management service that speeds up the development of scalable, secure and reliable IoT solutions. It is available as a service, or it can be installed on-premises in any third-party Cloud service or server.

Device Manager

You can use the ZDM to take mitigating actions such as pushing security fixes. You can also easily send firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) updates to your Zerynth OS powered devices, such as the latest software version or a new firmware update.