Philips Hue Intelligent lighting control panel demo in Python – using Riverdi IoT Displays and Zerynth Studio

Do you want to learn how to build a Philips Hue lighting control system with Riverdi IoT displays and Python? Just follow this demo and it will teach you how to build a simple control system for Philips Hue series bulbs.

About the demo

The aim of the project is to build a simple Philips Hue lighting control system using an intelligent LCD display, which in the final solution will be installed in the form of an aesthetic wall module.

All the requirements necessary to implement the project:

Thanks to Riverdi’s partnership with Zerynth, the Zerynth programming environment will enable you to prepare applications directly in Python. Furthermore, Riverdi IoT Display modules have an integrated LCD display system (diagonal 5 inches and screen resolution 800×480), Bridgetek BT81x graphic controller and the well-known ESP32 microprocessor.

All Intelligent IoT displays provided by Riverdi have a pre-loaded Zerynth Studio license, so we can start working with the module right after removing it from the packaging.

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