Over 700.000 DesignSpark community members have access to Zerynth Studio

Ever since Zerynth entered into a partnership with RS Components, and Zerynth Studio became available on DesignSpark, there have been some great collaborations. The Zerynth team was hosted at the RS booth at this year’s Embedded World. Moreover, the demo they’ve created together was a huge success, and people are still talking about it.

Now, we wanted to bring your attention to the fact that the DesignSpark community has reached over 700.000 members. More precisely, 716.000. Of course, that means that over 700.000 people have easy access to Zerynth Studio. They also have the exclusive access to support for the PSoC 6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit.

Support for PSoC6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit for DesignSpark members

In more detail, to get access to the Zerynth Virtual Machine for the Cypress PSoC6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit and you have to use your DesignSpark account to login into Zerynth Studio. In the next 5 months, this feature is exclusive for DesignSpark users.

Considering that DesignSpark was launched in 2010, it’s amazing how fast the community has grown. Registering on DesingSpark is free, just like downloading Zerynth Studio is. So, why don’t you join, and share your projects and opinions with the community?

If you have a special project with Zerynth tools, there’s a whole community of engineers, students, and enthusiasts who are ready to see it and share their thought about it.